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Anti-ageing beauty routine

Step 1

Edelweiss Cleanser

Moisten the face with water or warm towels, before applying Edelweiss Cleanser. Apply two pumps of the product to the face using gentle, circular movements to get rid of make-up, dirtiness and smog. Rinse with lukewarm water to remove the product and dry the face with a clean towel.

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Step 2

Edelweiss Dermal Phytotonic

Apply Edelweiss Phytotonic with a cotton wool pad by tapping the face.

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Step 3

Skin Regenerate Serum - Master Booster

Apply two pumps of the product Master Booster and massage the face, using the middle and index finger together, with the palm of the hand turned outwards, and gently run the fingers along the contour of the face, as if outlining the perimeter of the jaw.

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Step 4

Rejuvenating Serum

Apply Rejuvenating Serum combined with a radio frequency machine (or others available in your studio that does not create any wounds on the skin). Remove with a wet towel the excess of product and dry the face.

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Step 5

Sublime Revealing Mask

Apply a thin layer of the Sublime Revealing Mask to the entire face and neck. Leave on for 10 minutes.

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Step 6

Rejuvenating Décolleté Cream

Meanwhile apply the Rejuvenating Décolleté Cream on the neck and decollete using your thumbs to push and lightly pinch the skin along the jaw up to the ears. Then move down again over the neck to the shoulder blades. Finish the massage with a light massaging motion on the collarbones (10-15 minutes massage).

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Step 7

Rejuvenating Eye Complex

For the eye contour apply a thin layer of Rejuvenating Eye Complex.

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Edelweiss Cleanser - Eyes & FaceEdelweiss Cleanser - Eyes & Face
Edelweiss Cleanser - Eyes & Face Sale priceSFr. 23.00 CHF
Edelweiss Dermal PhytotonicEdelweiss Dermal Phytotonic
Edelweiss Dermal Phytotonic Sale priceSFr. 23.00 CHF
Skin Regenerate Serum - Master BoosterSkin Regenerate Serum - Master Booster
Rejuvenating SerumRejuvenating Serum
Rejuvenating Serum Sale priceSFr. 52.00 CHF
Sublime Revealing MaskSublime Revealing Mask
Sublime Revealing Mask Sale priceSFr. 56.00 CHF
Rejuvenating Décolleté CreamRejuvenating Décolleté Cream
Rejuvenating Décolleté Cream Sale priceSFr. 53.00 CHF
Rejuvenating Eye ComplexRejuvenating Eye Complex
Rejuvenating Eye Complex Sale priceSFr. 37.00 CHF