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Artikel: How to get rid of cellulite

How to get rid of cellulite

How to get rid of cellulite

Tips and advice on dealing with cellulite

The unpopular dents and notches on the thigh skin of most women are entwined by a multitude of assumptions and also nonsensical assumptions. The fact is that cellulite affects almost every woman at some point, fat or thin, old or young. The only question is to what extent and what one can do oneself to positively influence what happens. As is so often the case, it is not the one measure that promises success, but the appropriate combination of several factors.

Definition Cellulite

The phenomenon commonly referred to as "orange peel skin" is a change in the fatty tissue immediately beneath the skin. It is a phenomenon that has no inflammatory trigger and is purely constitutional in origin. The affected fatty tissue belongs to the connective tissues and is usually located on the thighs and buttocks.

The reason for the skin change is the structure of the connective tissue itself. Almost 80 to 90 percent of women are affected, almost exclusively women. The connective tissue of men has a net-like structure which ensures that the dents do not develop. Due to the production of the hormone estrogen, women have a different connective tissue structure and correspondingly more fat-storing cells.

Up to 90 percent of all women are affected by cellulite throughout their lives. However, the symptoms are different and the age at which the skin change begins is also different. A congenital weak connective tissue and overweight usually lead to a gradual onset at an early age.

Collagen and age

The central trigger for connective tissue weakness is a decrease in the formation of collagen protein. Its task is to build a network of fibres that provide the skin with the necessary elasticity. The younger a person and thus the younger the age of the skin, the more elastic it is. The collagen fibres function like a kind of elastic band that lies between the cells and has a decisive influence on the appearance of the skin. A large amount of collagen ensures a firm and smooth appearance of the skin without the dreaded dents that make up a cellulite skin.

Over the course of life, the body produces less and less collagen. The fibres lose their supporting power accordingly. The skin changes, hangs more and more and shows more wrinkles and fine lines as well as the infamous dents, which remind of the peel of an orange. EVENSWISS has designed its products precisely for this and developed a patented formula. EVENSWISS Skin regenerate Serum and EVENSWISS Retinol Serum are designed to promote collagen formation and delay the development of cellulite.

Estrogen and connective tissue

The structure of connective tissue is not determined solely by collagen fibres. Genetic predisposition also plays a significant role. Anyone who wants to know at a young age how extensive their orange peel skin could look in the coming years would be well advised to ask their mother and grandmother. A clear similarity in the extent of the phenomenon is to be expected.

Another aspect that has a significant effect on the amount of cellulite in the skin is the influence of the hormone estrogen. Basically, it serves to regulate the connective tissue structures and makes their firmness possible. With the beginning of the menopause, however, the production of oestrogen becomes less and less, which has a correspondingly negative effect on the connective tissue. However, weakness of the connective tissue is also possible in very young people, for example through hormone boosts during puberty. Excessive oestrogen production can also lead to a weakening of the connective tissue, especially if it is additionally supplied from outside, for example in the form of some birth control pills.

Possibilities of self-treatment

As a rule, the cellulite phenomenon cannot be combated by a single application alone, but by a targeted combination of supportive measures and an appropriate lifestyle.

Regular alternating showers are considered to be very helpful for a tight and smooth appearance of the skin. They can be easily and unproblematically integrated into regular showers and are also gentle on the skin. The shower jet is guided along the leg from the foot to the hip. The correct direction is very important for the heart for reasons of relief. The course is always from bottom to top. It begins with a cool jet, followed by warm water and cold water. The change is made about three to five times and always ends with cold water. The temperature should not be too cold or hot, but always in a pleasant range between cool and warm.

Subsequent brushing of the cellulite areas with a soft to medium-strength brush additionally stimulates blood circulation and the removal of lymphatic fluid. The products EVENSWISS Retinol Serum (recommended to be used during the night or during the day only with sun protection) together with the EVENSWISS Cellulite Burner offer a visible smoothing of the skin. The high effectiveness of the EVENSWISS product lines as a whole is aimed at penetrating the deeper skin layers and unfolding their full effect there. The herbal complex and Brassica Alba are particularly suitable for stimulating collagen production.

Supportive skin care

There have been attempts for decades to enable effective cellulite treatment with a suitable skin cream. The central problem is the depth of the skin layers that would have to be reached with such a product. This is hardly possible in most cases, as regular skin care substances cannot penetrate deep enough and thus do not reach the subcutaneous fatty tissue.

The EVENSWISS care products, on the other hand, activate the repair processes in the deeper layers of the skin and thus enable a better skin appearance.

The EVENSWISS Cellulite Burner reaches deeper layers of the skin when massaging in and can therefore offer a better supporting effect. The caring EVENSWISS Retinol Serum with its collagen-stimulating effect also provides valuable support here (recommended to be used during the night or during the day only with sun protection).

The skin also benefits from the well-known concept of manual lymph drainage (MLD) from physiotherapy. However, this should only be carried out after prior medical clarification, as it is not suitable for people with heart and kidney weakness and caution is also required with regard to existing thromboses and inflammations in the body. In lymphatic drainage, the drainage of lymphatic fluid is stimulated by certain massage techniques. The skin becomes firmer in its entirety and the cellulite depressions appear smaller. However, at least weekly treatment is required.


EVENSWISS® Anti-Cellulite

Avoiding nicotine and alcohol

The stimulants nicotine and alcohol are considered highly problematic in connection with the structures of the skin. Both have a negative effect on collagen, which is essential for a firm skin. In addition, alcohol inhibits the breakdown of fat. After alcohol consumption, the body's fat burning mode is made available exclusively for the breakdown of alcohol.

Nicotine and alcohol are not only detrimental to health overall, they also deprive the body of essential nutrients, especially those responsible for tightening connective tissue. They also result in a narrowing of the blood vessels, a process which, in the long term, can significantly promote the development of cellulite. If, on the other hand, nicotine and alcohol are only consumed on very rare occasions and especially in large quantities, the effects on the appearance of the skin are far less dramatic and reversible.

Sun and skin

While the sun is an enormous aid in the production of vitamin D, it is often considered problematic with regard to the skin. It is known that a stronger and above all more regular exposure of the sun leads to skin damage. The aging process is also accelerated. Premature skin aging not only causes wrinkles and a generally poorer complexion, but also leads to an early breakdown of collagen. Even at an earlier age, the skin appears more flaccid and soft and loses a high degree of its elasticity. The UV rays in the sun are specifically responsible for this. They weaken the collagen fibres sustainably and thus promote the development of skin dents. Sunbathing, however, must not be dispensed with, as long as very good UV protection in the form of a high-quality sun milk or sun cream is taken into account. EVENSWISS Cellulite Burner Serum is suitable for the daily application of all skin types. If used regularly, the visible signs of cellulite can be significantly reduced.


One of the best ways to combat cellulite is to exercise. Physical exercise is ideal for improving blood circulation and metabolism. An active metabolism is able to improve lymph production and stimulate the breakdown of metabolic products. The skin improves visibly and appears smoother and firmer.

People with an already existing weak connective tissue should refrain from activities that put more strain on the collagen fibres when choosing their sport. Suitable activities include swimming, equipment training and cycling. A combination of endurance and strength training is the best mixture for a functioning metabolism. The muscles form and the connective tissue becomes tighter over time. Regularity during sport is essential for visible results. Training should take place at least three times a week, otherwise success will fail and the positive influence on orange peel skin is too small.

Nutritional support

Nutrition is one of the most important aspects, which can also be influenced particularly well. A sufficient supply of water is very relevant, which should not be significantly less than two litres a day, depending on size and weight. A sufficient amount of water ensures a firm and healthy skin and a functioning metabolism. In addition, a balanced diet with a sufficient amount of vitamins and minerals via salad and fruit, healthy fats and protein and as few short-chain carbohydrates (flour products, sugar and similar) as possible makes sense.

Foods that are not processed or processed as little as possible and have correspondingly few additives are helpful in the selection process. The less overweight the body is, the more beneficial this is for the skin. At a high weight many fat cells exist, which slow down the metabolism on the one hand and inhibit the blood circulation and the lymph flow on the other hand. The consequences can be seen among other things in a decreasing skin firmness and also cellulite depressions.

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