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Artikel: 10 tips for perfect facial care

10 tips for perfect facial care
10 tips

10 tips for perfect facial care

A radiantly beautiful complexion is in most cases no coincidence. Rather, it is the result of a healthy lifestyle - and the right facial care that optimally suits your individual skin type. No matter whether you have dry or oily, sensitive or easily irritated skin: Your skin care should be exactly tailored to the needs of your skin. The following 10 tips will help you to care for your face in the best possible way.


1. creams moisturize the skin
Your skin care rituals should include the use of appropriate facial creams. In addition to the daily cleansing of the skin, they help to effectively care for the face so that the complexion glows. It is important that you choose a product that is ideally suited to your skin type and its specific needs. Gently apply a small amount of the cream to the face. Light patting is better than rubbing.

Day creams help to provide the skin with long-lasting moisture. In addition, day creams strengthen the skin barrier so that external influences can attack the skinless strongly. The skin is thus ideally armed against harmful environmental influences such as UV rays or toxins in the air. Apply the cream to the face at the end of your cleansing ritual. Day cream such as Balancing Complex is also a good basis for subsequent make-up application.

You should also use a face cream at night to care for your skin. This is the time in which the facial skin can recover. Special care products help it to regenerate. This makes the appearance of the skin all the fresher the next morning. The EVENSWISS facial care products are all very suitable for day and night use. As a night cream, we particularly recommend the rich and intensively caring EVENSWISS Rich Regenerating Cream or the Sublime Revealing Mask.


2. why proper facial cleansing is so important
The daily care of the face also includes the cleansing. Here it is important to find a care product that has been specially developed for your skin type. At EVENSWISS you will find facial cleansers that are optimally adapted to the respective skin type. After facial cleansing, the skin is optimally prepared for subsequent care. Active ingredients can now be better absorbed by the skin. You should clean your face morning and evening.

3. why cleansing with water only is not recommended
Many people believe that it is enough to clean the face with lukewarm water if necessary. This belief is especially true when the person rarely wears make-up. A cleanser is not necessary because no make-up can be removed after all? No way! Not only removed make-up can strain the skin. Other dirt particles are also deposited on the facial skin during the course of the day or at night. The skin itself produces sebum, which can cause impurities such as pimples and blackheads.

If you only use water to clean your face, you will not be able to remove all dirt. Fat is not soluble in water, which is why it remains on the skin. Cleansing the face with only water is therefore not thorough and does not treat the skin optimally. Therefore, always use a suitable cleanser that you tolerate well.

4. be consistent: use care series for facial care
In facial care, it is also important not to irritate the skin unnecessarily. Of course, you have to try a new product to see if you can tolerate it well. However, you should not change it too often if possible. Once you have found a good skin care product, it makes sense to choose appropriate skin care products for the other components of daily and regular face care. The probability that you will be able to cope well with all the products in a care range is higher than if you use many different products.

Special skincare ranges are designed to care for a specific skin type. They optimally meet the associated skin needs and complement each other perfectly. Dry skin has different care requirements than oily skin. Make sure you choose a skincare range that really suits your skin. Only then will it get what it really needs to shine fresh and beautiful.

5. regular masks provide the skin with nutrients
Matching face masks help to keep the skin fresh and vital. In everyday life, the facial skin is exposed to many different stresses, including environmental toxins and unfavorable weather conditions. It is therefore advisable to use masks regularly. Depending on the mask, it fulfills different functions: It cleanses the skin intensively, removes excess skin cells and moisturizes the skin.

Which product is suitable depends on your skin type. If you have dry skin, you should use moisturizing masks. Oily skin, on the other hand, has different needs as it tends to be impurified and greasy. As a rule, it makes sense to use a rich face mask once a week for intensive care of the facial skin. The Sublime Revealing Mask from EVENSWISS is suitable for this purpose.

6. care for the eyes correctly
You should not leave your eyes outside during daily skin care. When removing make-up, it is important that the eyes are not attacked. Only use products that are suitable for cleansing the sensitive eye area. Use gentle products and do not rub the eyes unnecessarily.

There are also specially tailored products for the eyecare. The eye area is not only sensitive, but it is also one of the areas on the face where wrinkles and lines appear. Because the skin around the eyes is very thin, it is usually not enough to simply use normal skin creams.

EVENSWISS products help to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. They also relieve swelling and conceal darker areas around the eyes. Effective ingredients provide the eyes with the nutrients they need for effective regeneration. So your eyes always look fresh and radiant.

7. concentrated Serums help to treat skin problems
Concentrated Serums are a good addition to intensive facial care. You can use them to treat skin problems such as dry skin, wrinkles and lines or rings under the eyes. The concentrated Serums of EVENSWISS are suitable for use on all skin types. Special products help to reduce wrinkles, visibly reduce age spots or make bags under the eyes smaller.

Such concentrated Serums are also suitable for revitalizing the scalp. If you regularly combine your skin care with such boosters, you will help your skin to look youthful and fresh. Choose a booster that meets the individual needs of your skin. Only then will you achieve optimal results.

8. the right care for mature skin
Probably every person wants a skin that is firm, even and free of impurities. With age, fine lines, wrinkles and later age spots appear. Suitable care products help to delay the visible signs of skin aging. Mature skin has different needs than youthful skin. That is why you should always adjust your skin care products accordingly. Use a cream that effectively helps the facial skin to renew itself.

The EVENSWISS Rejuvenating Serum is ideal for mature skin. It helps to delay the formation of wrinkles. The serum can be applied on face and neck in the morning and evening after cleansing. Also, our Booster No. 1 - Against wrinkles helps to make the skin look youthfully and fresh. It tightens the skin noticeably and can be used twice a day.


9. check your medicine cabinet
Some oral contraceptives, antibiotics, fertility drugs, and antiseizure medications can bring on breakouts, says Jerome Litt, a dermatologist in Beachwood, Ohio. Antihistamines, diuretics, and some antidepressants can cause dry skin. And certain antibiotics, diuretics, and diabetes treatments can make you vulnerable to sun damage. “If you find your skin is reacting more while you’re taking a particular drug, talk to your physician,” says Litt. “He or she may be able to either lower the dosage or switch you to a different medication.”


10. use gentle foams for facial care
You should not only use face masks regularly. Gentle foams and special facial brushes are also suitable for your face care routine. EVENSWISS Cleansing Foams remove excess skin flakes and make the skin smoother.

Again: Choose a product that is tailored to your specific skin.

Our Purifying Cleansing Foam helps to remove sebum and other dirt from impure skin. The application of a foam cleanses the skin deep into the pores and prevents the formation of pimples and blackheads. After Cleansing the Foam you should use a care cream because this can unfold its effect now particularly well.


Our Foams for dry and oily skin

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